Contents of Vol.10 No.1


Community Forestry and Its Impact on Rural Livelihood-A Case of Chaubas-Bhumlu Community Forest, Kavrepalanchok District, Nepal-
  GURUNG S(Tottori Univ.) IGUCHI T(Shimane Univ.) ITO K(Shimane Univ.)  1-7

The Analysis of Stand Structure and Growth Characteristics of Natural Forest in Papua New Guinea
  PEKI M M(Univ. Tokyo, Tokyo, Jpn) ISHIBASHI S(Univ. Tokyo, Saitama, Jpn)  9-20

Logging Ban in Kenya: Convergence or Divergence from the Forest Law and Policy and Impacts on Plantation Forestry
  MAKANJI L(Univ. Tsukuba, Tsukuba City) MOCHIDA H(Univ. Tsukuba, Tsukuba City)  21-30

Deforestation Detection in Kinabalu Area, Sabah, Malaysia by using Multi-sensor Remote Sensing Approach
  PHUA M-H(Univ. Malaysia Sabah, Sabah, Mys) TSUYUKI S(Univ. Tokyo, Tokyo, Jpn)  31-40

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