Contents of Vol.10 No.2


Characteristics of Parameters in Power Equation Representing Sunny Crown Profile of Hinoki Cypress Tree
  WAGUCHI Y(Nara Forest Res. Inst., Nara, Jpn)  43-46

Development of Stem Density Analyzing System Combined X-ray Densitometry and Stem Analysis
  NOBORI Y(Yamagata Univ., Yamagata, Jpn) SATO K(Yamagata Univ., Yamagata, Jpn) ONODERA H(Yamagata Univ., Yamagata, Jpn) NODA M(Hokkaido Univ., Wakayama, Jpn) KATOH T(Toyama Medical And Pharmaceutical Univ., Toyama, Jpn)  47-51

Wood Density in Relation to Growth Rate and Tissue Proportions of Teak Grown in Bangladesh
  RAHMAN M M(Kochi Univ., Kochi, Jpn) FUJIWARA S(Kochi Univ., Kochi, Jpn) HIRAKAWA Y(Forest And Forest Products Res. Inst., Ibaraki, Jpn) KANAGAWA Y(Kochi Univ., Kochi, Jpn)  53-57

Classification of Project Approaches by the Construction of Participatory Framework and the Building of Farmers Capacity for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources: A Case Study in the Panama Canal Watershed
  FUJISHIRO K(Tsukuba International Center, Ibaraki, Jpn)  59-68

Allometric Biomass Equations, Biomass Expansion Factors and Root-to-shoot Ratios of Planted Acacia mangium Willd. Forests in West Java, Indonesia
  MIYAKUNI K(Registered Expert For Japan International Forestry Promotion And Cooperation Center (jifpro), Tokyo, Jpn) HERIANSYAH I(Forest And Nature Conservation Res. And Dev. Center, Bogor, Ind) HERIYANTO N M(Forest And Nature Conservation Res. And Dev. Center, Bogor, Ind) KIYONO Y(Forestry And Forest Products Res. Inst., Ibaraki, Jpn)  69-76

Investment Analysis of Teak (Tectona grandis)-A Case Study on Sylhet Forests of Bangladesh
  MUHAMMED N(Shinshu Univ., Nagano-ken, Jpn) KOIKE M(Shinshu Univ., Nagano-ken, Jpn) BITTER A W(Dresden Univ. Technol., Deu)  77-86

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