Contents of Vol.13 No.1


Spatial Estimation of Sika Deer Population Density Distribution
  Hiroshi Kondoh, Koichi Ikeda and Toru Koizumi 1-14

Foreword: Special Feature for Detecting Afforestation, Reforestation, Deforestation using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information
  Yoshio Awaya 15

Monitoring the Target Region of the Kyoto Protocol Article 3.3 with LANDSAT/TM Data
  Masato Hayashi, Shuji Hori, Toshiro Iehara and Yoshio Awaya 17-28

Methodology of Detecting ARD area by Remote Sensing
  Satomi Kakuta, Takuji Mitani, Ryo Saito, Akihiro Nakazawa, Yoshio Awaya, Mitsuo Matsumoto and Shuji Hori 29-42

A Semi-empirical Topographic Correction Method based on the Relation between Slope-aspect and Mean Radiance
  Kiyoshi Takejima, Hiroyuki Sakaue, Yun Qing Lee, Satomi Kakuta, Yoshio Awaya and Hiromichi Fukui 43-55

A Study on the ARD Extiaction Method for CompHance with the Kyoto Protocol- Estimation of Deforestation Factors using Forestry Census Data -
  Satoshi Tsuyuki, Jung-soo Lee, and Mitsuo Matsumoto 57-83

Accuracy Assessment of ARD Detection by RS
  Satoshi Miyasaka, Emiko Yoneda, Hiroyuki Sakaue, Kiyoshi Takejima, Syuji Hori, Toshiro Iehara and Yoshio Awaya 85-93

Development of a Prediction Probability Model to Monitor ARD Areas
  Jung-soo Lee, Hitomi Yuki, Satoshi Tsuyuki and Yoshio Awaya 95-108

Detection of Afforestation, Reforestation and Deforestation (ARD) by Visual Photo Inteipretation of High Spatial Resolution Images - A Fundamental Case Study -
  Shuji Hori, Masato Hayashi, Yoshitaka Matsubara, Yoshio Awaya and Toshiro Iehara 109-123

Application of Automatic Binarization Method for Nationwide Forest Area Mapping using Satellite Imagery
  Akihiro Nakazawa Takuji Mitani, Ryo Saito, Satomi Kakuta, Yoshio Awaya, Toshiro Iehara and Shuji Hori 125-136

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