Contents of Vol.15 No.1


Competitive Forestry Business in a Global Market- Scotland's Experience with a Forestry Cluster and Relevance to Japan
  Michael Norton and Tatsuhito Ueki 1-10

Simulation Study of Size-structure Dynamics with Changing Spatial Pattern of Tree Sizes in a Lattice planted Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) Plantation
  Sumihiro Inoue, Tetsuoh Shirota, Yasushi Mitsuda, Hiroaki Ishii and Koichiro Gyokusen 11-19

Development and Application of an Algorithm to Calculate Cross-cutting Patterns to Maximize Stumpage Price based on Timber Market and Stand Conditions: A Case Study of Sugi Plantations in Gunma Prefechire, Japan
  Tohru Nakajima, Mitsuo Matsumoto and Satoshi Tatsuhara 21-27

Predicting the Vertical Distribution of the Stem Cross-sectional Area Increment for an Even-aged Stand of Hinoki Cypress
  Yoshiaki Waguchi 29-36

Homegarden Agroforestry in Bangladesh: Assessment of Its Role for Farmers' Income Source in Thakurgaon District
  Sourovi Zaman and Masato Katoh 37-43

Predicting Site Indices of Japanese Cedar Plantation in Niigata Prefecture using Environmental Factors
  Sri Lestari Munajati, Nobuyuki Abe and Masami Tsukahara 45-51

Differing Perceptions of Japanese Black Bears in Urban and Rural Japan
  Mariko Hosoda(nee Nagasaka), Toshiki Aoi and Shinji Yamamoto 53-59

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