Contents of Vol.15 No.2


Monitoring Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Bago Mountain Area, Myanmar using FCD Mapper
  Myat Su Mon, Tsuyoshi Kajisa, Nobuya Mizoue and Shigejiro Yoshida 63-72

Positional Accuracy of National Forest Inventory Plots in Japan
Fumiaki Kitahara, Nobuya Mizoue, Tsuyoshi Kajisa, Takuhiko Murakami and Shigejiro Yoshida 73-79

Assessing Forest Fragmentation in Southern U.S. Industrial Forest Plans that Accommodate Different Clearcut Size Restrictions
  Rongxia Li and Pete Bettinger 81-98

Estimation of Growth Parameters using the Local Yield Table Construction System for Planted Forests throughout Japan
Tohru Nakajima, Mitsuo Matsumoto, Hiroshi Sasakawa, Satoshi Ishibashi and Satoshi Tatsuhara 99-108

Relationship between the Japanese CSR Activities and the Companies' Business: An Approach from the Forest-Related Activities of Japanese Enterprises
  Takashi Fukushima 109-119

Short Communicatron

A Robust Estimator of the Density of Trees Exhibiting Regular Spatial Patterns
  Stanko Trifkovic' and Hirokazu Yamamoto 121-126

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