Contents of Vol.16 No.1


Fouiier Transform Analysis of Very High Resolution Remote Sensed Imagery Shows Potential for Estimating Stand Density of Regular-spaced Planted Forests
  Tetsuji Ota, Nobuya Mizoue and Shigejiro Yoshida 1-7

The Recommendation for REDD based on the Restrictions of A/ R CDM Under the Present Rules
  Takashi Fukushima 9-16

Multiple-criteiia Decision-support System for Optimising Spatial Distribution in a Forest Classification Process
  Shunsuke Suzuki, Shinichi Tatsumi and Yojiro Ueno 17-26

Short Communication

Stand Dynamics of Tropical Seasonal Evergreen Forest in Central Cambodia
  Dana Kao, Nobuya Mizoue, Neth Top, Tsuyoshi Kajisa and Shigejiro Yoshida 27-32

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