Contents of Vol.16 Special Issue gMultipurpose Forest Managementh


Special Issue gMultipurpose Forest Managementh
IUFRO Conference on Multipurpose Forest Management: Strategies for Sustainability in a Climate Change Era
Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Multipurpose Forest Management 55-56


Forest Management in a Climate Change Era: Options for Planning
Pete Bettinger 57-66

Silvicultural Strategies, Sustainability, and Adaptation to Climate Change in Forests of the Atlantic Region of Europe
William L. Mason and Cefline Meredieu 67-78

Depletion of Tropical Forest Resources, Prevention Strategies, Remaining Challenges and Implications for Action
Mangala De Zoysa and Nesha Dushani 79-86

A Management Issue for Ecotourism in Taiwanfs Forests : To Determine or to Manage the Tourism Carrying Capacity?
Wen-Pin Lin 87-90


Information and Communication Technology Connecting Mathematical Modeling with Multipurpose Forest Management
Tuula Nuutinen , Aimo Anola-Pukkila, Hannu Hirvela, Leena Karkkainen and Helena Makela 91-98

Forest Resources Management to Support the Japanfs gCulture of Woodh
Hirokazu Yamamoto 99-106

How Forest Management and Climate Change Affect the Carbon Sequestration of a Norway Spruce Stand?
Raisa Makipaa, Tapio Linkosalo, Sami Niinimaki, Alexander Komarov, Sergey Bykhovets, Olli Tahvonen and Annikki Makela 107-120

Developing Forest Models from Longitudinal Data: A Case Study Assessing the Need to Account for Correlated and/or Heterogeneous Error Structures under a Nonlinear Mixed Model Framework
Shongming Huang ,Yuqing Yang and Shawn X. Meng 121-132

Multi-scale Forest Inventory and Modeling for Multi-purpose Management
Cris Brack, Chris McElhinny, Robert Waterworth and Simon Roberts 133-140

Adaptive Cluster Sampling in Inventorying Forest Damage by the Common Pine Sawfly (Diprion pini)
Mervi Talvitie, Tuula Kantola, Markus Holopainen and Paivi Lyytikainen-Saarenmaa 141-148

Vulnerability Assessment of Forest Ecosystem to Climate Change in Korea Using MC1
Sungho Choi, Woo-Kyun Lee, Hanbin Kwak, So-Ra Kim, Seongjin Yoo, Hyun-An Choi, Sunmin Park and Jong-Hwan Lim 149-162

Spatial Distribution and Radial Growth Response of Pinus densiflora to Climatic and Topographic Factors in Central Urban Forest of Seoul, Korea
Hyun-Ah Choi, Woo-Kyun Lee, Jae-Gyun Byun, Han-Bin Kwak, So-Ra Kim and Woo-Hyuk Byun 163-170

Relationship between Climate and Radial Growth of Pinus parviflora var.pentaphylla on Mountain Ridges under Thick Snow in Tohoku, Japan
Tatsuya Sasaki, Yoshihiro Nobori and Maximo Larry Lopez Caceres 171-176

Emprical Models for Estimating the Stand Biomass of Teak Plantations in Java,
Tatang Tiryana, Satoshi Tatsuhara, and Norihiko Shiraishi 177-188

Estimating Carbon Sequestration by Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) Plantations According to Site and Management Conditions
Yoko Asada and Satoshi Tatsuhara 189-198

Nationwide Yield Prediction by Adding Up Yields of Prefectures
Takuya Hiroshima 199-206

Stand Structure and Geographic Conditions of Natural Selection Forests in Central
Hokkaido, Northern Japan
Toshiaki Owari, Masaki Matsui, Hiroshi Inukai and Mikio Kaji 207-214

Evaluation of Landscape-level Genetic Diversity in Mixed Managed Forest in Hokkaido, Japan
Masayoshi Takahashi, Gen Takao, Satoshi Ishibashi and Takayuki Kawahara 215-222

The Influence of Forest Boundary Shape and Environmental Variables on Farmland
Invasion by Wild Japanese Macaques
Shota Mochizuki and Takuhiko Murakami 223-232

The Effect of Simultaneous Harvesting of Adjacent Plantation Stands on Acceptable
Cutting Age
Keisuke Toyama 233-244

Extraction of Production Forests for Sustainable Forest Management Based on Economic Balances in Kanuma Area of Tochigi Prefecture
Ayami Murakami, Kaname Ito, Masashi Saito, Kazuhiro Aruga and Toshiaki Tasaka 245-254

A Study on the Planning Method for Arborescent and Circular Forest Road Networks in Private Forest
Kaname Ito, Ayami Murakami, Masashi Saito, Kazuhiro Aruga and Toshiaki Tasaka 255-262

Data Fusion Based Multi-Sensor System for High Accuracy Forest Management
Juergen Rossmann, Michael Schluse, Christian Schlette, Arno Buecken, Petra Krahwinkler and Markus Emde 263-272

Segmentation and Classification with Discriminant Analysis of QuickBird Multispectral and Panchromatic Data to Distinguish Cryptomeria japonica and Chamaecyparis obtusa Patches
Yasumasa Hirata, Naoyuki Furuya, Atsushi Sakai, Tomoaki Takahashi, Yoshio Awaya and Toru Sakai 273-284

Assessment of Forest Covers Change in Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh Using ALOS Data
Sourovi Zaman and Masato Katoh 285-292

Estimation of Tree Density in the Juniper Forest of North-East Iran by ALOS Data
Hadi Fadaei, Tetsuo Sakai, Tetsuhiko Yoshimura and Moriya Kazuyuki 293-300

Institutions and Performance of Community Forest Management: Multi-criteria Analysis Frame-work in a Case of Forest Management in Central Vietnam
Duc Tung Ngo and Tetsuro Sakai 301-308

Estimating of Timber Resources from Large Diameter and Long Materials Used for Wooden Cultural Buildings
Juri Sato, Satoshi Unno, Naoko Yumoto, Hirokazu Yamamoto And Toshio Tatsumi 309-314

Outdoor and Nature Experiences in Forests for Forest Education: Contents of Activities And Forest Place in Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
Mariko Inoue and Yasuhiko Oishi 315-324

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