Contents of Vol.17 No.1


Reviewer Akcnowledgements
  Satoshi Tsuyuki 1

Special Issue "Multipurpose Forest Management" (Continuation)

Analyzing the Effects of Environmental Factors on the Site Indexes of Sugi and Hinoki Manmade Coniferous Forest Stands
  Eiji Kodani, Naoto Matsumura and Aki Tarumi 3-8


Change of Spatial Structure Characteristics of the Forest in Oshiba Forest Park in 10 Years
  Songqiu Deng and Masato Katoh 9-19

Scotland's Forestry Cluster Experience and Relevance to Japanese Prefectural Forestry: A Case Study of Nagano Prefecture
  Michael Norton and Tatsuhito Ueki 21-30

Classification of a Leaf Image using a Self-organization Map and Tree-based Model
  Yasushi Minowa, Takashige Akiba and Yu-ichiro Nakanishi 31-42

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