Contents of Vol.1


Classification of Conifer Tree Species using JERS-1 OPS Data
Masato Katoh 1-6

Forest Activity Classification System of Small Watershed Area using GIS (T) Classification system in case of sub-compartment
Nobuyuki Abe, Hisaaki Kamioka and Ryo Benitani 7-14

Forest Activity Classification System of Small Watershed Area using GIS (U) Forest activity classification system in case of raster
Hisaaki Kamioka, Nobuyuki Abe and Ryo Benitani 15-22

Detecting Change in Forest Vegetation using Multitemporal Landsat TM Data
A case study in the shibata Forest, Niigata Prefecture
I Nengah Surati Jaya and Syogo Kobayashi 23-38

An Appraisal of the Practice of Improvement Cutting to Enhance In-stand Scenic View in a Broad-leaf Secondary Forest A case study done in Gifu City
Mutsumi Tsukamoto and Susumu Hayashi 39-44

The Natural Resource Base and Industrialization in Asia In assessing phenomenal deforestation and industrialization of Thailand
Tatsuo Sweda, Kitti Limskul, Seizo Hotta, Adisorn Noochdumrong and Emmanuel Rhodantes G.Abraham 45-54

Reconstructing Past Stand Structures using Tree Ring Data
Kunihiro Tanaka and Seiji Ishibashi 55-62

Definition of the System Yield Table
Yukichi Konohira 63-67
Applicability of JERS-1 SAR Data for Monitoring of Forest Function and Environment Preliminary analysis of forest stand structure using JERS-1 SAR data for forest management
Toshihiro Senoo, Takuhiro Nishi, Takuro Yoshikawa, Keiji Ohte, Sotaro Tanaka and Toshihiro Sugimura 69-76

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