Contents of Vol.2 No.1


Spatoal pattern Analysis of Individual Trees in Natural Forests
  Kyoei Nishikawa 1-4


Economic Evaluation of Area-based Forest Plans: A case study for the Tokyo University Forest in Chiba Prefecture
  Tomoko Takahashi,Satoshi Tathuhara,Yuejun Zheng,Hidejiro Nagumo 5-12

Tactical Harvest Scheduling using Zero-one Integer Programming
  Atsushi Yoshimoto 13-24

Development of a Public Participation Handbook
  Yukichi Konohira 25-30

Information Oriented problem in Newly Established Forest Management Systems: A case study in the river basin of the Yoshino River (Miyoshi)
  Shigeki Yamada,Naoto Matsumura 31-36

New Index for Analyzing the Stem Taper Variations within a Stand
  Kazukiyo Yamamoto 37-42

Management System for Japanese Oak on the Kyusyu University Forest in Hokkaido: 20-year Report
  Morio Imada 43-50

Short communication

Development of an Image Database for Forests
  Mariko Tanaka 51-56

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