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Estimation of Vegetation Cover Ratio in Urban Area Using LANDSAT TM Images
Nobuyuki Abe, I Nengah Surati Jaya and Hisaaki Kamioka 59-66

An Analysis of the Recent Situation and Problems in the Cutting Reporting System
Koji Matsushita 67-76

Improvement of the Stand Density-Control Diagram and Construction of Yield Tables for Shii(Castanopsis spp.) Stands
Mitsuo Matsumoto 77-84

Influence of Forestry on the Formation of National Park Policy in Japan
Taiichi Ito 85-96

Forest Management and Forestry Labor
Masami Narita 97-106

Plantation Forestry of Sri Lanka Its Development History and the Present State
Siri Nimal Wickramaratne,Susumu Hayashi and Jayatissa Kumara Herath 107-114

DBH-Height Relationship for Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora) in Extensive Natural Forest in Southern Japan.
Takashi Kunisaki and Morio Imada 115-124

Estimation of Relative Illuminance in Forests using Hemispherical Photographs
Akiko Inoue, Atsunori Okamura, Nobuya Mizoue, Yukiko Teraoka and Morio Imada 125-130

Stochastic Forest Management and Risk Aversion
Ken-ichi Akao 131-136

Comparison of the Accuracies of Four Ground-Survey Methods Used for Estimating Forest Stand Values on Two Occasions
Nelson Y. Nakajima, Shigejiro Yoshida, and Masaaki Imanaga 137-144

Comparison of Change Estimation between Four Ground-Survey Methods for Use in a Continuous Forest Inventory System
Nelson Y. Nakajima, Shigejiro Yoshida, and Masaaki Imanaga 145-150

Short communication
Characteristics of Young Stands Regenerated Naturally on Cutting Areas in Siberia
Igor Danilin, Shogo Kobayashi and Nobuyuki Abe 151-156

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