Contents of Vol.4 No.1


TROPIS : Tree Growth and Permanent Plot Information System
  Jerome K. Vanclay, 1-6

The Unkonw Factor to Forestry Investment in New Zealand
  Nicola Spence, 7-16

The History of Taungaya Plantation Forestry and Its Rise and Fall in the Tharrawaddy Forest Division of Myanmar (1869-1994)
  San Win ,Minoru Kumazaki 17-26

Estimation of Upper Bound Forent Protection Expenditures under Uncertainty
  Syed A. Husain,Dietmar W. Rose,Joan M. Nichols,Sandra O. Archibald 27-34

Short communication

A New Method for Analyzing Forest Stratification Based on Discriminant Criteria
  Akio Inoue,Nobuya Mizoue,Shigejiro Yoshida,Morio Imada 35-38

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