Contents of Vol.4 No.2


Teak Yield Regulation in the Natural Forests of the Tharrawaddy Forest Division, Myanmar 138 Years of the Girth Limit Selection System
  San Win ,Minoru Kumazaki 43-52

Private Forest Owners and the Forest Resource Database
  Koji Matsushita,Shigejiro Yoshida 53-64

A Practical Model for the Time-trajectory of Mean Phytomass and Density in the Development of Even-aged Pure Stands
  Akio Hagihara, 65-70

The Impact of Deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia The Indigenous People of Rondonia State
  Megumi Maruyama,Noboru Morioka 71-76

Predicting Effects of Deferred Clearcutting on Pine Marten Habitat Suitability on the Superior National Forest
  Joan M Nichols,Dietmar W. Rose 77-82

Short communication

Development of a Three-dimensional Computer Graphics for Forest Stand Structures
  Yoshohiro Nobori, 83-88

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