Contents of Vol.7 No.1


Forest Stratification and Species diversity of Crytomeria japonica Natural Forests on Yakushima
  Akio Inoue,Shigejiro Yoshida 1-10

The Ecological and Historical Background of Forest Management,in Hungary
  S'andor Ferenc T'oth,Tatsuhito Ueki,Yuji Uozumi, 11-20

The Current Situation of Hungarian Forest Management, with Spacial Emphasis on the Recent Changes in Forest Ownership
  S'andor Ferenc T'oth,Tatsuhito Ueki,Yuji Uozumi, 21-28

An Analysis of the Relationship between Land Use and PeoplesConcerns Considerrations for Watershed Management Strategies in the Kaski District, Nepal
  Rajendra Prasad Lamichhane,Masahiro Amano,Hidesato Kanomata,Mitsuhiro Minowa 29-38

Short communication

Combining Visual Interpretation and Supervised Classification Technique with Optical Satellite Data for Classifying Tropical Forest Cover
  Muhamad Buce Saleh Wirakartakusumah,Nobuyuki Abe 39-46

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