Contents of Vol.7 No.2


The Relationship between Tropical Forest Stand Variables after a fire and SPOT XS Satellite Data
  Muhamad Buce Saleh Wirakartakusumah,Nobuyuki Abe 49-58

A Case Study of the Current Situation for Forest Concessions in Cambodia
  Nophea Kim Phat,Syphan Ouk,Yuji Uozumi,Tatsuhito Ueki 59-68

A County-level Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Forest Resources in China
  Yuejun Zheng,Xiangming Xiao,Zhongwei Guo,Theodore E. Howard 69-78

Fractal Analysis of Tree Crown Images in Relation to Crown Transparency
  Nobuya Mizoue, 79-88

Can the Relative Stem Taper Curve be Estimated Theoretically only from Tree Height and Diameter at Breast Height?
  Akio Inoue, 89-94

Forest Landscape Biodiversity Measurement by Land Use Diversity Index
  Tsuyoshi Yoshida,Kazuhiro Tanaka 95-102

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