Contents of Vol.9 No.1


Study on the Suburban Forest in China (1) -Present Situation, Issues and Challenges in the Metropolises-
  Qingwei Guan,Lianshun Zou,Yuji Uozumi,Tatsuhito Ueki,Hexin Wang 1-8

Study on the Suburban Forest in China (2) -A Case Study of forest for Water Conservation in Shenyang-
  Qingwei Guan,Liguo Li,Qinglin Zhong,Yuji Uozumi,Tatsuo Ueki 9-16

Woodful Consumption Rates and Flow in Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia
  Neth Top,Nobuya Mizoue,Shigetaka Kai 17-24

Spatial Sheduling of Forst Management Activities using a Dynamic Deterministic Harvest Block Aggregation Process
  Pete Bettinger ,K. Norman Johnson, 25-34

Recognition of Spectral Pattern Characteristic of Land Cover for Assisting Visual Interpretation of Landsat ETM -A forest Degradation Mapping in Tropical Rain Forest of Sabah, Malaysia-
  Mulyanto Darmawan,Satoshi Tsuyuki,Hideki Saito,Haruo Sawado, 35-46

Changes in Land Use Practices of Indigenous People in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh -An Analysis of Political-Economy Perspective-
  M.Emran Ali,Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, 47-58

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