28 (Wed) August

Excursion to The University of Tokyo Hokkaido Forest in Furano city
Brochure PDF (in Japanese and English)
A chartered bus trip from Sapporo city
Ending time: about 19:00 near Sapporo station

29 (Thu) August

Excursion of experimental sites in national forests in Chitose-Shikotsu area
A chartered bus trip from Sapporo city

1. Trials on low-cost, low-labor intensive reforestation after loggings of man-made forests
 1-1. Experiment of soil scarification (destroying root systems of Sasa (dwarf bamboo) for accelerating natural regeneration to establish birch forests after loggings of man-made Sakhalin fir (Abies sachalinensis) forests
 1-2. Experiment of planting of several types and sizes of container seedlings
2. Long-term forest restoration after severe wind disturbance by the Toyamaru Typhoon in 1954
3. Free time at Lake Shikotsu located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park (Website of Chitose Tourist Association)
Ending time: about 15:00 at Shinchitose Airport, 16:00 near Sapporo station

Reference on soil scarification (in general):
Yoshida T. et al. (2005) Factors influencing early vegetation establishment following soil scarification in a mixed forest in northern Japan. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 35(1): 175-188. https://doi.org/10.1139/x04-156
Reference on forest restoration after Toyamaru Typhoon:
Kosugi, R., M. Shibuya and S. Ishibashi (2016) Sixty-year post-windthrow study of stand dynamics in two natural forests differing in pre-disturbance composition. Ecosphere 7(11): e01571. 10.1002/ecs2.1571

Picture1. Two years after soil scarification with and without deer preventive fence Picture2. Man-made forest of Abies sachalinensis with forest floor of Sasa (dwarf bamboo)

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